Chairman, Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh

Rev. Edward Ayub

Edward Ayub formerly known as Mohammed Ayub was born in a Wahabi Muslim family and trained up as a practicing Muslim in Bangladesh. He heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ during his university life in 1982 from a Muslim convert whom Ayub and his friends persecuted. But God has called and changed him in 1984. Since then he has been in Christian ministries through evangelism and building churches, teaching, writing, giving and equipping leadership. He has earned a Masters of Divinity from the Philippines. Ayub is known as the motivator of giving birth of many Christian ministries. He has translated and authored more than 40 titles into Bengali – most of which equip church planters to defend their faith. His greatest contribution is in giving birth of a Reformed denomination called Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh. He is engaged in visible church planting among the Muslims characterizing Reformed, visibility, exclusivity, specialization, uniformity and cultural transformation. He wants to see 100 churches to be planted through PCB, 10 visible established sites in different regions of the country, a library of 20,000+ books, a self-reliant church building work, and transforming the rural areas by church building toward changing his nation. He runs a Study Center named Center for Religious Studies offering one-year long residential training in Comparative Religion. His outstanding effort and pursuit against Insider Movement have proven him as a true lover of God’s Word. One of his inspiration from the Bible is Joshua 21: 43. The ministry strategy of his denomination has become a model of learning for missions among the Muslims. His wife Jostna Ayub has been a great inspirer now serving as a teacher and their 26 years old son Utthan Edward is now serving as Lieutenant with Bangladesh Navy.