President, Bhutan Theological Seminary

Rev. Dr. Tandin Wangyal

Senior Pastor of Every Nation Church-Bhutan

Founder & President of Bhutan Theological Seminary



B.Th, Turlock Theological Seminary, India

MDIV, International Graduate School of Leadership, Manila Philippines

D.Min, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio Philippines.


About Rev. Dr. Tandin Wangyal

Rev. Tandin Wangyal served as the country project coordinator for Open Doors International with Brother Andrew, right after he completed his Master of Divinity from the International Graduate School of Leadership, Manila, Philippines, from 2008-2014.

Rev. Wangyal has vigorously worked in the underground churches, uniting the leaders, conducting training, and establishing theological education. Many local and lay leaders in the process have been trained and churches have been strengthened.

March 2014, Rev.Wangyal was arrested, tried, and detained for 49 days before he was produced before the court in April 2014. For six months he stood trial in the lower court before he was sentenced to four years prison term in September 2014. Later that month, he was given bail and stood on trial for another four months. Finally he was released on January 19, 2015. During the period of the year-long trial, Rev. Wangyal stood for nineteen times in court defending his faith.

After his release from prison in 2015, Rev. Wangyal pursued his doctoral studies and completed his Doctor of Ministry from Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio, Philippines, which has been his another milestone achievement. Rev. Wangyal says, that it is like the life of Joseph that right from prison, you are now in the palace to get such an opportunity to equip yourself for the mission and ministry.Rev. Wangyal has now specialised in the areas of “Business as Mission” which is also his doctoral studies focus.

He says that in this day and age if our theology is not relevant in the community and marketplace, where “Global” has become “Glocal” then our theology will become irrelevant in the context. The presence of the internet has hugely revolutionised even the farthest part of the globe, and if the presentation of the gospel is not relevant then we as a church will be left out. In this day and age of “artificial-intelligence and a techno-centric world, our theology needs to rise higher and become relevant and one way of doing this is “Business as Mission.”