founder and executive director, Joy Research and Service Center for the Disabled in USA

Dr. H. Daniel Kim


Westminster Theological Seminary(Philadelphia, USA), MAR, M.Div

Reformed Theological Seminary(Mississippi, USA), Th.M, Ph.D

About Dr. H. Daniel Kim

Dr. Kim is the founder and president of Joy Research and Service Center for the Disabled(USA). He becomes to see a new world through his youngest daughter, Joy, who was born with a disorder called Down syndrome. Although he was diagnosed in advance that a child with a disability would be born, he named his daughter “JOY” after hearing God’s voice saying, “Even with a disability, the child is given to glorify the Lord.” Joy continues to this day.

He founded the institution and named it after his daughter, JOY, sharing life with intellectually disabled people like Joy, and is building communities of people with disabilities under the name of “house of Joy” in many countries around the world.

Joy Missions are opening a new horizon for disability missions from the perspective of the kingdom of God, not the welfare level. Dr. Kim received a Ph.D. with a thesis on Cultural Understanding of Disability and its Biblical, Theological, and Missiological perspectives (2001).

Dr. Kim is also active in his research activities and has written several books on disability theology and missions. His books include “Adam King Throw Hope” (2001), “Blind to the World and Open to Love” (2004), “Disability Theology” (2010), “Weakness is Strength” (2011), “Church, Make a sacrament for People with Intellectual Disabilities” (2013), “From the Prophet Jonah to a Missionary” (2019), and “The Theology of Disability 2” (2020).