Global Connections Strategist, Ralph D. Winter Research Center And Frontier Ventures

Dr. Greg Parsons

Greg and Kathleen Parsons have been on the staff of Frontier Ventures (formerly the U.S. Center for World Mission) since 1982. They were married in 1981 and raised their children in Pasadena and now have two grandchildren (and one on the way!).

Greg worked 27 years with Ralph Winter serving from 1990-2010 as the General Director. He now serves as Director of Global Connections and receives great joy in learning from, sharing with, and connecting with missions and church leaders globally. He is now working to produce a new podcast to share mission insights and ideas from mission leaders globally. He is interviewing leaders as he travels around the U.S. and the globe. (Love to sit down with you during the event!)

Greg also serves as the Chancellor and Ralph D. Winter Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies at William Carey International University.

He writes a regular column in Mission Frontiers magazine, the bulletin of Frontier Ventures and has published two books—both related to Ralph D Winter.

He serves on several boards including: WCIU, Christar, and Missio Nexus and the Center for Mission Mobilization. Greg and Kathleen both serve on the board of Frontier Ventures.